Installing Our Products

Installing an ARK Building Yourself

Although we recommend a minimum of 2 qualified tradesmen to erect your structure for you. 

Our detailed manufacuring process does enable you to install it yourself. All timbers are cut exact and with clear fitting instructions, 2 persons with relative DIY knowledge should have no problem installing your new building.

If you choose to self install, the following should be considered:

  • You will need an access platform and scaffold towers to  provide a quick and safe platform when working at height 
  • For installing the Roof covering we also recommend the use of a crawler ladder (These are the ones that ‘hook over’ the ridge to prevent them slipping down). 
  • The Beams and wall sections can be heavy, safe lifting practices and a clear work area should be observed to prevent injury.

We are happy to assist you with any questions/queries and technical information whilst you are installing your building.


Employing a Tradesperson to install your building

We recommend using a local contractor to install your building

We will happily give them any information required for them to give you a costing. 

We will work alongside your contractor to ensure we the erection of your building runs smoothly and hassle free.



Most of our buildings require a sound solid base to be fixed to. At point of ordering we will provide you with a plan showing the dimensions required for your building

Our carport kits come with adjustable steel bases to keep the posts out of wet conditions allowing them to dry and remain solid. these feet have an adjustment on them to overcome out of level bases.

We advise you speak to a local groundworks contractor who can ensure your ground is suitable for the building.

We hold no responsibility for poor ground condition or poor sub bases.



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